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Parker Medical ET Tube Set

Collections: Emergency Equipment

Product type: ET Tubes

Vendor: Parker Medical

Tags: et tubes


$ 31.00

The Parker Flex-Tip tracheal tube has a flexible, curved, centered, tapered distal tip geometry that is designed to facilitate rapid, easy, non-traumatic intubation.

When this unique, patented tip is advanced into contact with protruding features of the airway (such as the vocal cords and nasal turbinates), it is designed to flex and slide gently past them, instead of getting hung up on them and traumatizing them.

When a standard, side-beveled tube is railroaded down an introducer (flexible fiberoptic scope, bougie, or tube exchange catheter), a gap commonly exists between the tub's distal edge and the introducer. The gap frequently causes a blind hang-up of the standard tube on the larynx. In contrast, the tip of the Parker tube is designed to lie closely against the introducer, thus preventing or minimizing any gap between the tube tip and the introducer that could result in hang-ups on airway structures.