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Nightingale ZOE PPM3 Vital Signs Patient Monitor

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$ 4,795.00

Nightingale ZOE PPM3 Vital Signs Patient Monitor

The Zoe Medical Nightingale™ PPM3 Patient Monitor helps enable easy patient monitoring by providing fast, accurate and continuous measurements of key physiologic parameters. This patient monitor meets the needs of outpatient surgery clinics for reliable monitoring in a lightweight, compact design. It is ideal for ambulatory surgeries, oral surgeries, urgent cares and endoscopies. The Nightingale’s bright, high-resolution display offers an easy-to-operate user interface. It connects to major oral surgery EMR systems and others for secure communication.

Most advanced Capnography is here:

Most advanced Capnography is here: Patient Monitor


Easy to Learn Patient Monitor

  • Training in minutes
  • Advanced user insterface



Patient Monitor Made in the USA

  • Made and serviced in USA
  • Three year full warrenty
  • No CO2 water trap
  • No calibration




  • Light - use on a roll stand
  • Modular - add features
  • Thin ECG cables

Patient Safety:

  • Fast, accurate and continuous measurements of key physiologic parameters.
  • User interface with a very bright, high resolution display makes monitoring easy.
  • Secure communication with EMR and other systems is standard.
  • Immediate CO2 response offers safety beyond possibly delayed SpO2 readings.


  • Display: 8.4” color, “all-angle-view” display
  • Waveforms: 5
  • Size: 7.2” x 11.3” x 3.3”
  • Weight: 4.5lb
  • Stored trends: 1min / 24hrs
  • Export trends: .csv via USB
  • Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 1.2 A max; mains frequency 50 to 60 Hz
  • Battery: >5hrs, lithium-ion rechargeable
  • EMR connectivity: Ethernet, wireless (optional)
  • HL7-compliant: Yes

Technical Data

  • ECG, NIBP, Pulse Oximetry, Masimo EtCO2 Module, Temperature, and Printer
  • Fast, accurate, continuous monitoring of key physiological parameters
  • Connectivity with major practice management systems (ie. Care Stream WinOMS, DSN, etc.) with the purchase of #4601807600 Wireless Kit for Monitor
  • Large, bright display with wide viewing angle
  • 8.4" Color Display with large CO2 Waveforms
  • Simple menus and layout for easy operations
  • Warranty - 3 years including the battery
  • Long life Lithium Ion Battery
  • Includes two Masimo CO2 Nomoline Adapters (460-010-2048)
  • Manufactured and Serviced in the USA
  • Included with Monitor Purchase: 460-010-30256 Masimo ISA ETCO2 Sidestream Analyzer 460-180-0251 Masimo Nomoline Adapter (2 pcs) 180-0263 Adult Nasal Cannula CO2 Sampling (5 pcs) 460-180-3014 Reusable Envitec SpO2 Sensor 460-180-3007 SpO2 Extender Cable (8') 460-180-1016 NBP Hose (10’) 460-180-1021 NBP Cuff, Small Adult (18-26cm) 460-180-1022 NBP Cuff, Adult (26-35cm) 460-180-1023 NBP Cuff, Large Adult (32-42cm) 460-421-0046 ECG 3-lead cable (10’) 460-180-8008-2 TABLE STAND FOR PPM2 & PPM3 w-Recorder 460-182-0110 50mm Printer for PPM3 Monitor Cable, PPM3-Phasein Interface 460-180-8053 Mounting Bracket Kit for Masimo ISA Analyzer 460-180-1014 NBP Hose 3 meter 460-180-6001 Power Cord Us (10 ft)

Nightingale PPM3 Vital Signs
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