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Sapphire Med LED Chrome MC3 Headlight

Collections: Cordless Surgical LED Headlight

Product type: Lights

Vendor: MED LED

Tags: headlight


$ 2,195.00

100,000 LUX
The Perfect Clinical Option

The MedLED Chrome® MC3 Surgical Headlight is a staple for any medical office or clinic. Cordless, lightweight, and customizable, this is what makes the difference for surgeons and medical staff around the globe. Our MC3 headlight provides more comfort and balance than its predecessor, the MedLED Onyx®, making it a great choice. 


Class: E-CLASS

Use For: Clinical Setting

Brightness: 100,000 LUX (9,300 Foot Candles)

Battery Life: 8 Hours (Continuous Output)

Spot Size: 10 – 100mm / 0.4-4” (18” Working Distance)

LED Lifetime: 100,000+ hours. It is not necessary to change the LED light source.

Dual Battery Charge Time in Lamp: 6.5 Hours

1-4 Battery Charge Time in 4-Bay Charger: 10 Hours**

Total Battery Lifetime: Replace at least every 12 months

*Light output consistent across battery life. Other headlights on the market drop up to 30% from their initial light output within the first 15 minutes of operating.

**4-Bay charger sold in Hospital Kit or can be purchased separately.



  • Dental & Hygiene
  • Perio Clinic
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Clinic
  • Plastic & Cosmetic Clinic
  • OB/GYN Clinic
  • ENT Clinic
  • Veterinary Clinic

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