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Matrx Scavenger Set w/ Nasal Hood

Collections: Oxygen & Nitrous Delivery

Product type: Scavenger Set

Vendor: Matrx

Tags: nasal hood, rubber goods, Rubber Goods Circuit, scavenger set


$ 535.00

The design of the Matrx Scavenger Breathing Circuit is streamlined and lightweight for patient comfort and safety. The Matrx breathing circuit has the fewest number of components (compared to other autoclavable breathing circuits) required for assembly and is the lightest (less than 1 lb.). The tubing is made from a durable yet comfortable silicone rubber and is completely non-latex. The entire breathing circuit can be autoclaved – simplifying infection control processing.

All Matrx breathing circuits can utilize either Autoclavable Nasal Hoods (3 sizes) or single-use Dynomite nasal hoods (3 sizes and 5 scent options).