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HAND-E-SAN Hand Sanitizer

Collections: Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Product type: Hand Sanitizer

Vendor: Zee Company

Tags: Bottle Hand Sanitizer, Gallon Hand Sanitizer, hand sanitizer, HAND-I-SAN, Hospital Grade, Hospital Hand Sanitizer, isopropanol alcohol, Medical Supply, one gallon hand sanitizer, one gallon sanitized, sanitizer


$ 65.00

1-gallon bottle of HAND-E-SAN

One gallon sanitizer hospital-grade hand HAND-E-SAN ensures hands are completely sanitized. The powerful hand sanitizer is made of Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Topical Solution, Antispeitc Hand Rub, and Non-Sterile Solution, widely utilized in the health care industry kills microorganisms such as remains gentle on the skin.

Ethanol Alcohol

Non Refundable