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Edan iM70GT

Collections: Patient Monitors

Product type: Patient Monitor

Vendor: OMS Supply

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$ 4,745.00

Edan iM70GT Patient Monitor

Embedded with the latest improved designs, Edan iM70 is meant to add splendors to the i Series portfolio and answer for the latest clinical requirements across the applications from general cares to anesthesia monitoring, while keeping connected to hospital systems in all divisions.

The high-resolution color TFT-LCD together with the up-to-date customizable shortcut menu design brings easy one-touch access to frequently used functions, allowing more attention to the patients.

Without making any noise or causing any dust deposition, the no-fan design of iM70 is especially suitable for night time operations and the divisions which require a dust-free environment.

Being embedded with various communication capabilities including HL7, LAN, built-in Wi-Fi, Nurse Call, and Defibrillator Synchronization, iM70 can easily communicate and co-work with hospital information system and other hospital facilities.

With a wide range of optional parameters from IBP to cardiac output, from capnography to anesthesia gas, iM70 can meet most clinical requirements in cardiovascular monitoring and gas monitoring.

Edan is a healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative and high-quality medical products and services. For over 20 years, Edan has been pioneering a comprehensive line of medical solutions that address a broad range of healthcare practices including:

  • Diagnostic ECG
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • In-Vitro Diagnostics
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Point-of-Care Testing
  • Veterinary
  • OB/GYN

Healthcare professionals around the world depend on Edan’s breakthrough medical technologies and outstanding customer support.


  • 12.1" Large High Resolution Color Screen
  • No fan design
  • Touch & Configure
  • Water-proof & dust-proof keypad design
  • Pacemaker detection
  • Electrosurgical interference proof
  • Defibrillation protection and defibrillation synchronization
  • Pitch tone
  • iSEAP ECG algorithm optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemaker detection, and HR measurement
  • iMAT SpO2 algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance
  • iCUFS NIBP algorithm optimized for cardiac patients, hypertensive patients, and neonatal patients
  • Large storage capacity
  • Nurse call function
  • LAN connection with DHCP support
  • Bi-directional communication with the optional MFM-CMS central monitoring station.
  • HL7 support
  • VGA output
  • 2 Invasive Blood Pressure Ports included (Transducer Interface Cable is sold separately)

Optional Configurations
  • Respironics CO2 (Sidestream) Module
    • 1 Adult/Pediatric Airway Adapter
    • 1 Nasal Cannula
    • 1 Disposable Sampling Line
  • Mainstream EtCO2 (Respironics CAPNOSTAT5)
    • 1 Adult Airway Adapter
    • 1 Neonatal/Infant/Pediatric Airway Adapter
  • Cardiac Output Module
    • (1) Cardiac Output Cable (7 pin)
    • (1) In-Line Injection Temperature Probe
    • (2) In-Line Injection Temperature Probe Housing
    • (2) Control Syringe
  • Touchscreen
  • Thermal Printer
  • Wall Mount
  • Rolling Stand with Mounting Plate
  • Data Viewing Management Software

Materials Included
  • (1) Edan iM70 Unit
  • (1) Skin Temperature Probe
  • (1) Adult Cuff (25 cm - 35 cm)
  • (1) NIBP Tube (3m) with connector
  • (1) 3-lead ECG integrative Cable with Leadwires, Snap
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (30) Adult Disposable Adhesive Electrodes, Snap
  • (1) Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • (1) Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor
  • (1) Ground Cable
  • (1) User Manual
Warranty Information
  • 2-Year Warranty