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Bovie Surgi-Center PRO, A2350

Collections: Electrocautery

Product type: Electrosurgery

Vendor: Bovie

Tags: electrocautery, electrosurge, electrosurgery


$ 6,495.00

Bovie® Surgi-Center Pro High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator

The Surgi-Center|PRO (A2350) is a 200 watt high power, operating room generator, by Bovie. The unit incorporates the power and safety of a premium OR generator at a significant savings to the medical facility. The system delivers 12 monopolar and bipolar RF energy modalities to provide a high level of surgical precision. Engineered with the safety of the patient in mind, the Bovie Surgi-Center|PRO includes technology such as BovieNEM™ return split pad contact quality monitoring, BovieFDFS™ tissue sensing technology, self-test circuits, as well as specialized modalities for laparoscopic and delicate procedures. The Bovie Surgi-Center|PRO is supported by Bovie’s unprecedented 4-year standard warranty.