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10 Pack of Individually Wrapped N95 Disposable Filters - envo

Collections: Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Product type: N95 Disposable Filters

Vendor: Envo

Tags: N95, PPE


$ 30.00

The envo® mask N95 disposable filters are individually wrapped to provide a clean, electrostatically charged filter to be installed prior to each use. Filters are designed for non-toxic particulates from grinding, sanding, sawing, sweeping, insulating particles, recreational motorsports, and pollution. Disposable filters allow you to easily and cost-effectively change filters for optimum performance and protection during each use. 

Note: These filters only work with the envo® mask respirator and may not be used with any other mask regardless of fit.

The envo® mask is made with US and globally sourced materials and manufactured in the USA. 



How often do I need to change filters?  

If breathing is difficult, change the filter. We cannot give specific guidelines on the time frame to utilize a filter as each environment is different.  Here is an excerpt from the CDC website  published by the National Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) 

How do I clean the mask? has Several short video clips for your review. The best places to start are the Full Video or  Cleaning the Mask. Most use dishwashing liquid in hot water or a 10% bleach solution diluted with water. After thoroughly rinsing, air-dry the mask and headgear. Never put a mask in the dishwasher or any other type of washing machine.

Does the envo® mask come in multiple sizes?

No, one adult size fits most adults.

Is the envo® mask NIOSH N95 Certified?

Yes, NIOSH N95 TC 84A-8448  Click Here

Is the envo® mask made in the USA? 

Yes, the envo® mask is manufactured in Hampton New Hampshire, using US and globally sourced parts.

May I purchase additional filters once I use the five filters provided?    

Yes, additional filters may be purchased here. We also sell replacement headgear and filter covers.

What is the purpose of the vented area at the bottom? (One-Way Valve) 

The one-way valve reduces temperature and moisture inside the mask. The mask chamber’s design and filter placement improve speech clarity. 

Why do some people require fit testing?

Fit testing is for people who need to use a respirator in the workplace. 

The fit test is for a specific model. Retesting must happen within 12 months.

What filter types fit the envo mask?

The mask uses an N95 filter. 

Do you offer Corporate Pricing?  

Yes. If you are a corporation looking to outfit your company with our product, please contact us.  

What can I do if I think my mask is leaking even if the cushion seems to fit well on my face?

Please review the removal and installation of the filter cover. Installation of the filter and filter cover will affect the seal.


What materials are in the filter?  

The filter contains using non-woven polypropylene material.  

Is the envo® mask patented AIRgel cushion safe if it leaks? 

If the mask is damaged, it is no longer safe and should be disposed of immediately. 


No returns on filters.