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Oxygen Tank Regulator with Flow meter - Responsive Respiratory E Series Value 15 LPM

Collections: Oxygen & Nitrous Delivery

Product type: E-Cylinder

Vendor: Oxygen Tank Regulator

Tags: flow, Oxygen Flowmeter, Oxygen Tank Regulator


$ 60.00

Responsive Respiratory E Series Value Oxygen Regulator with the flow meter- 15 LPM is intended for the administration of oxygen to patients who need to increase oxygen levels to improve their breathing conditions. In addition, some models may be used in emergency situations. In an emergency situation, one should be sure to contact a physician or EMS immediately. It is a 15 LPM Regulator, CGA 870 with barb outlets. It has a light-weighted aluminum body with all brass core and direct flow orifice design. Oxygen Regulator is rated for use up to 3000 PSI. It has an ergonomic handle and meets FDA, CGA, ASTM standards.



  • Responsive Respiratory E Series Value Oxygen Regulator - 15 LPM Set Up:
    - Inspect the cylinder following the instructions of the gas supplier. Be sure to purge the cylinder valve seat of debris
    - Inspect the regulator for oil or grease. If visible. DO NOT use the regulator
    - Be sure the sealing washer is in place on the inlet to the regulator
    - Slip the yoke over the cylinder post and fit the pins into the holes on the cylinder valve. The pins should lit easily into these holes
    - Turn the T-Handle clockwise until the screw point is seated in the dimple on the cylinder valve
    - Be sure the regulator is tightened securely onto the cylinder
    - Attach the oxygen supply tubing to the outlet connection of the regulator
  • Instructions for use:
    - Be sure the regulator is in the off position by rotating the knob counterclockwise to the  0 position
    - For safety be sure you are not directly in front of or behind the regulator when opening the cylinder valve
    - Slowly turn the cylinder valve on (counterclockwise), about one full turn
    - If a hissing sound comes, there is a leak in the system. Turn the cylinder off and turn the regulator on to relieve any built-up pressure. Try tightening the regulator to the cylinder and opening the cylinder again. If this does not help, shut the system down again and contact a service representative
    - Adjust the flow rate setting by turning the knob clockwise until the desired setting shows through the window
    - If the cylinder pressure falls below 300 PSI, one should exchange the cylinder for a full one
    - Turn off the system, close the cylinder valve, wait for oxygen to flow out of the regulator, and turn the regulator to the 0 position
    - NEVER try to remove the regulator unless the cylinder is off and pressure has been relieved
  • Flow Ranges: .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 LPM