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Where to Buy Medical N95 Face Mask Online | 100 Day Mask Challenge

Where to Buy Medical N95 Face Mask Online

Where to Buy Mask Online
ProMed medical dental supply and PPE always keep medical grade mask even during the national shortage in stock. Our website offers many NOISH and CDC approved N95 Respirator, KN95, 3M Particulate Respirator and Blue Face Mask that provides the best protection against infectious diseases, microorganisms, fluids and additional particles in the air that one may breath. To make purchasing a medical grade face mask easier ProMed offers detailed information about each of the medical grade and non-medical grade facemask that we offer below.







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President Biden Mask Mandate

100 Day Face Mask Challenge

The United State President issued a mask mandate on federal buildings and property to help reduce the spread for the next 100 days ending at the end of March for now. President Biden’s mask mandate requires everyone to wear a mask not only on federal property, but requires federal employees, contractors, buildings, and lands to wear a face mask while on government property. The President’s face mask mandate also encourages everyone to wear a mask or face coverings in public for 100 days on trains, buses, airports and airplanes. This face mask mandate is away for everyone to help control and reduce the spread. 

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Two Mask Recommendtion CDC

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The CDC is asking people to wear not only a high grade NIOSH and OSHA approved medical face mask, but also a cloth mask on the outside giving a little extra protection to help reduce the spread of new UK and Africa mutated forms appears cause higher infections rate of . This recommendation from the CDC, is that everyone wearing both a medical grade mask and a cloth mask will help reduce the spread. The CDC is also providing information for more effective face coverings fitting properly and efficiently filter aerosol particles, which is according to medical experts.

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At ProMed we want to do our part providing medical grade mask ship quick and affordable online. ProMed offers both N95 or KN95 face mask in bulk for personal, private practice in medical or business commercial. Therefore on the ProMed website is the best place buy single N95 Mask or purchase medical grade NOISH and CDC approved face mask in bulk. We ship all personal protective equipment such as mask within 24 hours or faster. If you order online before 3pm you have a great change of you PPE order to be shipped out by 4pm that day. Yes that day.Contact us today or Order PPE online today