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In Office Anesthesia

This is a very touchy subject, I know.  General Dentist and Specialist (specifically OMS) have been at a silent war over in-office anesthesia.  As a medical equipment supplier we work with both parties in this war.  With our experience, because of the lack of continuity between the two, there is a lack of education for clinical success. Now there are a ton of great courses to get certified in; Dr. Butch Ferguson at Augusta would be one.  However, there are very few continuing education programs to keep clinicians "fresh" on the topic.  Therefore, the patients are the only ones losing in this war and someone needs to set a new standard of ethics. 

Regardless of your views, the in office anesthesia will continue.  Which brings me to my point; education on interactions, ALS, and office protocol needs to be more readily available.  Tons of GP's ask me for new courses or webinars they can attend to stay fresh on the subject and would prefer a specialist teach this. Our company Pro Med Sales tries to be as educational as we can on the products and equipment used during a sedation or medical emergency.  However, we are very limited on the knowledge we can share from a liability stand point.  

Let this be a call to action for any specialist looking to educate GP's and Specialist alike we will happily support your mission.  With our partners at Implant Compare we can arrange a live webinar or even hands on demonstration to be accessed globally.  This goal of this event will be to reduce the number of fatalities from in office anesthesia by creating a refresher curriculum that will keep clinicians and team members alike up-to-date.   

If you or a colleague have interest in participating in this program as a teacher or participant please contact or call 678-714-5341


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