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Criticare 8100 Patient Monitor with CO2


The Criticare nGenuity 8100EP1 Patient Monitor with CO2 allows any healthcare worker to focus on treating patients while ensuring their safety during continuous and post-sedation.

When you purchase from a Criticare nGenuity 8100EP1

  • Printer
  • SpO2 sensor 
  • Blood pressure hose with 3 blood pressure cuffs small, medium, and large
  • A  3 lead ECG cable
  • CO2 trap and sample line
  • AC Power cord and a Battery inside for added portability

 Backed By Pro Med’s  Loaner Assurance Program, all for a great price!


The Criticare nGenuity 1800EP1 has a 10 sec CO2 calibration time which allows the monitor to start monitoring immediately and is very durable, but light in weight.  


The nGenuity 1800EP1 Patient Monitor features 
- an easy to read 10.4-inch screen color monitor with DVI capability allowing for a wall monitor
- Pulse Rate
- Temperature
- Respiration
- NIBP as the Cuffs inflates
- O2 Saturation SPO2
- Auto Blood Pressure
- Electrocardiogram with ECG output
- Expired CO2 (ECO2)- a nurse call interface for communications


The unit has the ability to connect to electronic medical records for digital records.



Use the easy-turn knob to quickly select NIBP Time, select profiles, select parameters, and clear Trends quickly. 


Mount the nGenuity to a  Roll Stands which will make moving the Criticare nGenuity 1800EP1 Patient Monitor in between operatories easy. 


Order a Criticare nGenuity 8100EP1 Patient Monitor with CO2 from Pro Med at or for bulk pricing call 678-714-5341 M-F 9am - 4pm



Ships within 3 days, please allow 14 days for arrival.






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